Jaded – Part 2

That’s exactly what I felt upon seeing all these – Jaded. As a Chinese Jade Enthusiast, it is also important to keep up with the dark side.


3 responses to “Jaded – Part 2

  1. Dave, a little information on these photographs would be helpfull. What has aroused your suspicion about these jades? Several of these jades look good to me (1,2, & 6).

    • Images 1, 2 and 6 are made of lousy material. Particularly, items 1 and 2 feel more Qinghai material (worth little or nothing) than good quality Hetian material. All 3 items the body proportions are way off and lacks the carving spirit 神韵 evident in genuine relics. Mediocre workmanship. For e.g. the item 2 Chi dragons looked stuck as opposed to natural flowing body curves and interaction between two mythical beasts. I have to admit that item 6 can be the most deceiving, but the overdone surface alteration and weird booty posture simply does not work for me.

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