Chinese Spinach Green Jade

The emergence of Spinach Green Jade (Nephrite) can be attributed to the Qing Qianlong period. With greater control over the Nephrite source during Qianlong’s reign, the Emperor’s keen interest in this particular Nephrite colour blossomed. In China, Xinjiang’s Spinach Green Nephrite is highly prized over its Russian, Canadian and Kiwi counterparts.

Distinct features of Xinjiang Spinach Green Nephrite:

  1. More opaque and less glossy surface;
  2. Darker black green material;
  3. Little or no scratches, cracks and splits;
  4. Randomly located dark black/green spots or patches while others are usually pure dark green (debatable point).

Be wary of sellers using Russian material, in particular, to pass off as Xinjiang Spinach Green Nephrite. Train your eye on the correct and good stuff!


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