Chinese White Jade Seal Makes Irish (Auction) History

Dubbed the ‘Durrow Dragon’ by the Sheppard’s Irish Auction House, this Chinese White Jade Seal, claimed to be Qing Dynasty, was sold for €630,000 after a bidding war between two Chinese bidders on the telephone and internet. Highest price paid for an antique sold in the auction history of Ireland.

The moment I saw the white jade seal, the database in my mind recalls the somewhat similar ‘Huang Hou Zhi Xi’ Han Dynasty Empress Seal excavated from Hanjiawan in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. Given that both seals look pretty identical in terms of overall concept, the devil is in the details which set apart this ‘Durrow Dragon’ as probably a Chinese Imperial Archaistic White Jade Seal used during the Qing period.

China, Chinese, Jade, Nephrite, White, Seal, Durrow, Dragon, Qing, Han, Empress, Emperor, Imperial, Palace, AuctionThe material looks good for top quality Hetian white jade, the curves and flows of the carvings look lively, natural wear and tear on the edges and remnants of red ink. If only we could have a look at the seal mark beneath.



2 responses to “Chinese White Jade Seal Makes Irish (Auction) History

  1. I actually watched this auction live, and agree this was a Qing seal, Remember the Qing/Ching dynasty lasted well untill the 20th century. (1916) i think, offhand) there was also a bargain that I just didnt have spare funds for. A chinese silver box from around 1930, but it had a houtian/khotan white jade seal with a high relief undercut chilong inlaid into its lid. The whole box went for around £6000. I reckon the seal could have dated anywhere between 1770-1890 but should easily have fetched £40,000 in a top saleroom when detached from the silver box, Unfortunately I am in the process of selling off some of my cheaper jades to allow this kind of purchase, so it came a few months early for me. Shows there are still bargains out there though!!!

    • I just found this blog so I hope I’m not presumptuous in posting. I had left an absentee bid on this seal just sort of shooting from the hip based on liking the style and material, it was listed on liveauctioneers with a 5000-7000gbp estimate (from what I remember). I never had the pleasure to see it in person and so my bid was quite humble compared to the final price…. WOW Couldn’t believe the results!

      My feeling is that it is Qing and I didn’t know until now (reading it here) that it connects to a published piece. That would have made me much more nervous. Wonder if it was paid for ?

      I’m a jade collector who has succumbed to the financial pressures of constantly hunting jade and have accidentally become a dealer-collector interchangeably but I swear my passion hasn’t wavered and I only sell jades to afford my jade buying habit.

      Nice to meet everyone, look forward to more posts.

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