Too Good To Be True – Chinese “Archaic” Jade Dragon

Lately, I have been more active in the Asian Arts Forum and posted this contentious  image (courtesy of Gu Yu Ju on Weibo) of an archaic jade dragon pendant. This is the kind of stuff Chinese Archaic Jade collectors should be wary of.

China, Chinese, Jade, Archaic, Nephrite, Antique, Dragon, Pendant, Zhou, Han, Warring States

The response was commendable and fellow Chinese jade connoisseurs shared similar concerns which substantiate my doubts. The overall carvings on the edges, spirals and incised lines were too crude and unpleasant to the eye – nowhere near the workmanship of the Warring States to early Western Han period. Questions were raised on the material and gloss as well. On the whole, this piece could be one of the slightly above average 仿(imitations) out there and may appear genuine to the untrained eye.

More information can be found on

Beg to differ? Something more to add? Welcome to drop a comment and your opinion will be greatly appreciated. 


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