Chinese Archaic Jade – Neolithic

“Of all aspects of the Neolithic cultures in eastern China, the use of jade made the most lasting contribution to Chinese civilization.” –

Arguably the most controversial period when evaluating Chinese Archaic Jade. There are a lot more books out there on private collections of Hongshan and Liangzhu jade pieces than the later dynasties. As always, practise extreme caution and do not believe every single book you can find. Some may favour materials published in the West as being more reliable and of strong provenance – NOT today. Regardless of where a book was published, a quick look at the overall collection speaks volume of the author and even those recommending it (I am happy to share more if you wish to determine if a particular book is worth reading or not, just drop a comment). In fact, good references on this topic tend to have published dates at least 10 years or longer, if you can find them before they end up being auctioned off. Yes, even books on Chinese Jade are being auctioned these days.


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