Siem Reap – Day 4 (8th Aug 2012)

Even more temples – Day 4 kinda felt like temple overdose.

Angkor Wat Sunrise – Left the hotel at 5:15am and took us about 15-20 minutes to arrive at the pool next to Angkor Wat. It was pitch dark for almost an hour (necessary to occupy that front row view) until 6:30-7:30am then the sun started to show itself.  Stunning!

Preah Ko & Bakong (Roluos Group) – Worth visiting only if you wish to see older temples than those in the main central area of the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Ta Keo – Temple within a jungle. The walk into the jungle was quite impressive before arriving at Ta Keo. There’s a river at the end of the causeway, however, the bridge has collapsed over the years.

Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider Temple) – The temple made famous by Tomb Raider and Angelina Jolie. As usual, the reputation brings tons of tourists. However, the mother big trees engulfing the temple from all directions reflect the great power of Mother Nature.

Banteay Kdei – Beautiful Apsara Bas-Reliefs on the walls. Do stop in front of the “Bow & Respect” doorway and imagine the ingenuity of ancient architects in showing respect for the Gods.

Pre Rup “Sunsad” – No spelling error here. The sunset was just sunsad. Our guide Son attributed it to bad season with frequent cloudy evenings. Something cool would be the passing shower that we observed while at the top of Pre Rup.

Dinner@Lady Marmalade – We were craving for foie gras and the hotel concierge was glad to help us ask around. Well, we were told that Lady Marmalade serves foie gras and he called them in front of us. As I scanned the menu, nothing seemed like foie gras. Boo. Nonetheless, this place serves Khmer and French fusion cuisine which tasted pretty good.


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