Siem Reap – Day 3 (7th Aug 2012)

More temples ahead – Day 3 was packed with temples on the outskirts of the Angkor Archaeological Park.

Pre Rup – Again, one of my favourites and good place for sunset. The carved sandstone lintels were simply stunning. Please be careful when climbing the steep steps here.

East Mebon (& Others Nearby) – The only interesting parts were the UNESCO staff weeding at great heights and sleeping cat at a corner.

Banteay Srei – Extremely intricate carvings all over the structures. Small compound and the tour did not take long, especially with the noisy crowd around. The surroundings used to be deserted, but new car parks, spacious entrance and shop houses were built to accommodate the huge influx of visitors.

Kbal Spean – 45-60 minutes climb up and 45-60 minutes back down. Worth the climb to see the amazing stone carvings in a different setting along the river and waterfall. When in Kbal Spean, do what the Cambodians do – cleanse yourself with Amrita, also known as the elixir of immortality from the river water and waterfall. Remember to wear shoes suitable for hiking.

Beng Melea (privately owned area charges extra entrance fee US$5.00 per pax, which is not included in the Angkor Pass) – The BEST temple of our trip. Although it was not the Tomb Raider temple (Ta Prohm, Day 4), I sure felt like one climbing up and down the collapsed walls of Beng Melea. Let your guide know about how adventurous you are and he/she will bring you to greater heights.


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