Too Good To Be True – Episode 2

Similar Piece ZQCTYQ - Vol 3 Part 2 & GDYQJSYTZ pg 124

Part & Parcel of Collecting…

Again, another modern reproduction from a bird-like piece excavated in 1976 from Fuhao’s Tomb in Anyang City, Henan Province.

First, the material is questionable, especially with the fake burial or stone skin marks at the nose/mouth and front feet.

Second, carved lines are extremely poor and rough upon closer inspection.

Furthermore, there were sand residue stuck in the carved lines and at the bottom, however, one should be skeptical when evaluating this indication. Do not be surprised at counterfeit producers “differentiating” their fakes by burying them in the backyard from weeks, months and up to couple of years.

On the whole, the above piece severely lacks the genuine carving techniques and overall spirit from 3000 years ago, and looks somewhat comical.  We will come to realize that one important part of determining the authenticity of a jade item lies with a visual interpretation of the overall spirit of the piece in question – this can be subjective and only those who review genuine pieces constantly can tell.

NOTE: Pieces reviewed on “Too Good To Be True?” does not represent our collection of jade pieces, and kept only to remind and educate both ourselves and others on collecting Chinese Jade. A meeting can be arranged to view our Chinese Jade Collection, please feel free to drop a comment with your contact details.

-=They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To=-


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