First Auction Event – Had A Good Laugh

I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30AM, despite sleeping at 4:00AM, and made it just in time! Unfortunately, they are like concerts and do not start on time.

Stayed until the last piece of Chinese Jade and had a good laugh. A good 70-80% of the overall jade pieces, mainly Republic and Qing pieces, had starting bids at 1-10% of initial starting bid – several instances of starting bid S$1000 where the entire hall was quiet, but some bids began when the auctioneer actually said S$10, yes S$10. Some actually started at S$1 .

The auctioneer himself bidded and successfully “bought” one piece for himself. Only one bidder played with him once or twice but gave up. Really?

The collectors in Hong Kong and China love exquisite white jade pieces, but I did not see that this morning. In fact, there were mini-bidding wars for complicated carvings of (so-called) Han, Tang and Qing jade pieces – namely, “Prince” Seal, Buddhist Carvings, Vases, Landscape Boulders, Ring Handles, Vessels and Teapot Set. Seems that complex and confusing carvings intrigue the minds of collectors, however, this is a trap new (or any) collectors of Chinese Jade must be wary of – which I will be elaborating further in a future article on analyzing Chinese Jade.

Dark green 碧玉 and white with stone skin colour were preferred over pure white jade, however I must highlight that the overall jade quality was far from top grade Hetian Jade. When there were little or no interest in bidding, the auctioneer commented that “…even the stone material is worth much more than this current price now…” and “…S$400 for 4 pieces you are getting a bargain…” – sounded like a broken record.

The auctioneer occasionally confirmed the winning bid by declaring the bidder’s number, which I thought was a little weird. Sometimes, he was shouting out bids when I barely saw any number plates being raised. Perhaps it was due to my corner seat and I did not have a clear view.

Had enough and did not bother to stay for the afternoon session.


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